MCT Sequential S210

Reevaluation And Regrouping: MCT Sequential S210

One of my absolute favorite watch brands is Manufacture Contemporaine Du Temps, otherwise known as MCT. The new Sequential S210 is a combination of both previous and new design cues, and it represents the base concept for future development. While MCT has been around since the mid-naughties, the last two or three years have been the most transformative.

MCT Frequential One F110 looking good on the wrist

A Xenomorph From Continuing Evolution: MCT Frequential One F110

The MCT Frequential One F110 shares DNA and some familiar form with its neighboring population of the Sequential One and Sequential Two, but it is an end population that is truly itself. It’s something new.

New mechanics with familiar form

Mechanically speaking, the Frequential One F110 is a very new watch. Stylistically speaking, it is clearly a co-evolved result of what has come before. Gone are the rotating prisms, the large minute hand indicating the jump hour, and the three-quarter ring that jumps to uncover the current hour. But what replaces them?

Harry Winston Opus 5 by Felix Baumgartner

The Harry Winston Opus Series: A Complete Overview From Opus 1 Through Opus 13

Following the Swatch Group’s takeover of Harry Winston, a continuation of the Opus series with an Opus 14 seemed in doubt to me, though at Baselworld 2015 Dr. Nayla Hayek, chair of the Swatch Group’s board of directors and CEO of Harry Winston, quietly let it be known that a Harry Winston Opus 14 is forthcoming. What better reason to take a look back at the history-making timepieces of the Opus series.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Grande Complication à Triptyque

The Twelve Watch Days Of Christmas

You may be familiar with the old Christmas diddy “The Twelve Days Of Christmas.” Let me sing you the final verse of this song, including what my true love gave to me on the twelfth and final day, in horological terms…


The Jump Hour: A Love Story

The jump hour has a long history, but first things first, it can’t technically be called a complication since the accepted definition of complication is a mechanism that provides information other than the time. However, anyone who gives a hoot will say in the same breath that there are many complications that don’t fit that definition. And I couldn’t agree more.

MCT Sequential Two S200 in red gold

Evolution, Chocolate Cake, And The MCT Sequential Two. What?

The MCT Sequential Two S200 is a great example of product evolution as it has minor adjustments and major feature changes all in one. It makes the user immediately aware of why it is different from its predecessor, and to the seasoned watch nerd it provides more tidbits of excellence should the desire for inquiry be there.