Belier Reverse by Kim Djapri

Clockwise, Sunwise, & Reverse: Introducing The Bélier Reverse By Kim Djapri

Kim Djapri, a watchmaker with Lang & Heyne and boutique manager at Tempus Arte in Dresden, exhibited at the A.H.C.I.’s Baselworld 2016 booth a micro-brand and a timepiece all his own. His new brand Bélier is the banner under which his new watch, christened Reverse, has been built. This watch is perfect allegory for reflection in a timepiece.

Dan Spitz in a former life as a heavy metal lead guitarist

Video: Dan Spitz Of Anthrax, Watchmaker

Thrash metal rocker Dan Spitz has had an interesting life that has seen him go from being the co-founder of Grammy-nominated band Anthrax to becoming a noteworthy watchmaker. This three-minute video by Great Big Story really tells his story in a cool, compact way.

Dilip Sivaraman and Gato

How And Why To Build A Clock: Gato Long Clock By Dilip Sivaraman, AHCI Young Talent Finalist 2016

Meet 38-year-old Dilip Sivaraman from India, who entered the 2016 Young Talent Competition sponsored by the AHCI, F.P. Journe, and Horotec, where he was a finalist. Sivaraman had started out wanting to fix an antique clock he had bought, but ended up making his own clock, called Gato, escapement and all.

Baselworld 2016 Round Table: What We Liked And What We Didn’t Like

Please join our Quill & Pad round table discussion on Baselworld 2016. This time we take on some of the same topics that GaryG and his collector group use to the discuss their impressions of a watch fair: best of show, worst of show, watch you would buy with your own money, watch you would buy if money were no object, investment watch, patronage watch, fun watch, and a fantasy money no object watch.

Fiona Krüger's Petit Skull Silver

Fiona Krüger’s Unusual Petit Skull Watches Have Made Me A Fan

The age old themes of mortality and time comprise the starting point of Fiona Krüger’s Skulls. However, these are not your run-of-the-mill memento mori. The Petit Skulls are quirky, interesting, and beautiful in their own special way. And they do something that is very near and dear to my own heart: they highlight the beauty of the mechanical movement.

Monsieur de Chanel in pink gold

Surprising Ties That Bind: Chanel And Romain Gauthier

Romain Gauthier, the independent watchmaker at home in Le Sentier, Switzerland and the French fashion icon Chanel, are bound by more than a passing working relationship: Chanel now reveals that it owns a “friendly” stake in Romain Gauthier. The seeds of this seemingly disparate partnership between Chanel and Romain Gauthier were sown during a meeting that took place at the 2011 edition of Baselworld. At Baselworld 2016 it comes full circle with the Monsieur de Chanel.

Dominique Renaud's DR01 Twelve First in pink gold

Dominique Renaud’s DR01 ‘Twelve First’ With Blade Resonator, Experimental Rotary Escapement, And Panoramic 360° Views

Look at this. Just look at it. If you’re anything like me, you were in awe when you first saw this watch – just the sheer technical look of it was enough to send my heart racing. And then the questions come. Why does it look this way? What kind of technology is behind it? Is this really just an instrument to tell the time? Spoiler alert: questions are answered inside.

Andersen Tempus Terrae with exclusive blue gold dial

Worldtimers, Erotic Watches, And Poker-Playing Dogs: A.H.C.I. Co-Founder Svend Andersen Has (Semi-) Retired, But His Brand Lives On

Late in 2015 the news came through that A.H.C.I. co-founder Svend Andersen had sold his company. But how did Andersen get here? Let’s take a quick tour of 53 years’ worth of independent horology the Danish way to find out, which includes an extravaganza of worldtimers, unusual erotic watches, and even poker-playing dogs.

Tsuba, a unique piece by Kees Engelbarts

Kees Engelbarts’ Unique Platinum Tsuba Features Rare Crafts And Imaginative Interpretations Of Japanese Art Forms

A tsuba is the hand guard of a traditional Japanese sword. “These eventually became elaborate pieces of art – far beyond their practical use,” says engraver Kees Engelbarts, whose fascination with Japanese handcrafts led him to use the Japanese metal alloying technique called mokume gane as the first one in watchmaking. It has now also led him to dedicate a watch to the tsuba theme, inspired in particular by a piece by Japanese swordsmith Hamano Masanobu.

First view of the new watch by Dominique Renaud

Dominique Renaud: A Horological Grand Master Then And Now

Dominique Renaud began working at Audemars Piguet in 1980. He received his watchmaker education in Besançon, though his family originally hailed from the Vallée de Joux. Renaud and Guilo Papi, both employed by Audemars Piguet at the time, struck out on their own, founding Renaud & Papi SA in 1986 to explore avenues of high complication. So why do I bring this up now?