What a fantastic app, you just point a photo of watches at a table and they appear!

Photo Caption Competition No. 13: A Few Phones And Many Watches

This week’s photo was taken at the annual Baselworld Schnitzel dinner organized by Frank Geelen of Monochrome. What fun, funny, or sarcastic caption would you give this photo?

De Grisogono Skull with time-telling eyes

Photo Caption Competition No. 12: Alas, Poor Yorick . . .

This week’s photo was taken during Baselworld 2016 and features a fairly blingy skull with (in my mind a least) a bit of attitude. What fun, funny, or sarcastic caption can you suggest for this image?

I wonder if his operating system has crashed?

Photo Caption Competition No. 11: Pick The Robot

This week’s photo was taken at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show and appears to indicate that mankind has already lost the intelligence race with robots . . . and this one even looks to have more emotional intelligence than “his” neighbor as well. What fun, funny, or sarcastic caption would you give this?

Photo Caption Competition No. 10 Featuring Two “Hard” Men Rugged Up For Cold Weather

Thanks for the entries in last week’s caption competition and congratulations to Martin Moore for his winning caption linking smartwatches and dogs. You can check that out at Photo Caption Competition No. 9.

This week’s caption competition looks relatively easy (I know, that’s easy for me say): statues of two men rugged up for the cold. One has a what looks like a briefcase so they may be commuters.

Or maybe not. That’s for you to decide.

Photo Caption Competition No. 9 Featuring A Grönefeld One Hertz, Snow, And Dogs

This week’s caption competition is a hard one as it has quite a disparate mix of subjects including a Grönefeld One Hertz, lots of snow (it was shot in the Arctic Circle), and a few dogs for good measure. What appropriate, funny, or sarcastic comment can you think up as a caption or for the optional speech bubble?

What am I?

Photo Caption Competition No. 8: What Am I?

This week we have something a little different.

This is a photo of a prototype movement of a watch that was launched in the second half of 2015.

What do you think the name of this watch is?

Philippe Dufour, Naissance d’une Montre

Photo Caption Competition No. 7: Philippe Dufour’s Exuberant Fan

Firstly, thanks to those that submitted entries to last week’s caption competition and to Martin for his winning entry, “First wife to say ok gets to buy it!” This week’s photo features Philippe Dufour at the Naissance d’une Montre stand at SIHH 2016 along with an exuberant fan. Click to join in the fun!

Photo Caption Competition No. 6: What’s Going On Here?

This week’s Photo Caption Competition was shot at a watch launch in late 2015.

Bonus kudos to anyone who can guess where this photo was taken and what watch was being launched.

Give us your suggestions for an interesting or entertaining caption!

De Bethune DB25 World Traveller (left) and Dream Watch 5 meteorite. Cuff link by Joshua Munchow

Photo Caption Competition No. 5 Starring A De Bethune (Or Two)

Today we have a horologically themed caption competition that involves one of my favorite brands: De Bethune.

The photo below was shot at SIHH 2016, and I have to thank regular contributors Simon Cudd and Joshua Munchow for posing as wrist models. I will not reveal who is wearing which watch, but regular readers are likely to be able to make a fairly educated guess. Leave your caption ideas in the comments!

Photo Caption Competition No. 4 Starring T-Rex

Thanks to all who submitted entries to our Photo Caption Competition No. 3 starring none other than Mr. Vianney Halter. Photo Caption Competition No. 4 features a very brightly colored T-Rex looking into what looks like a car mirror (or whatever you deign it to be). Please add your caption suggestions to the comments below the post.